Gibbs Rounsavall (b.1975) is an abstract geometric painter, known for his “Burst” series of paintings where the symmetrical precision may suggest they are computer generated, but upon closer inspection reveal the subtle hand-painted imperfections. Rounsavall draws on a range of influences from his upbringing immersed in the palettes and patterns found in traditional Folk Art to the dynamism of Pop, Op, and Color Field painters. Rounsavall’s work draws on the spirit of inquiry in the viewer, unlocking this sense of curiosity in the audience. By suggesting multiple meanings without insisting on any, a dialogue is initiated that explores the pliancy of spatial orientation and its impact on the human condition. Rounsavall earned his BFA in Illustration from Washington University in St. Louis and his MAT from the University of Louisville.  His work can be found in public and private collections worldwide. He lives in Louisville Kentucky with his wife and two daughters.