Needing a statement piece that finally ties your room together? Want to show that special someone how much they really mean?  Looking to simply treat yo self? Commissions are the perfect way to gain a custom work of art specific for your needs, while also supporting a favorite artist.  It’s a win-win.

When a patron invests in an original art commission, they are getting an intimate snap shot of my life, personal and creative.  All that I experience on a day-to-day basis finds its way into the work.  It is a unique opportunity to connect.

All commissions and projects are welcomed, no matter how big or small.  I have had the honor to work by commission numerous times over the years for various reasons. I have loved every opportunity to collaborate with individuals in a shared artistic vision, one that enriches both our lives. I have been beyond humbled to be entrusted to create an original work to honor a loved one.  And I relish the personal challenge of revisiting one of my own creations through reproduction. 

General process:

Step 1. Look through my work and identify styles, designs, and colors you are attracted to and that fit your final project. Or click here to see a sample of completed commissions.

Step 2. Let’s talk. The commission process starts with a conversation between the patron and myself as we discuss the desired intent with the final work.  We’ll discuss scale, color, and style that the patron is interested in having created.  The more details we discuss and identify early on, the better the end result.

Step 3. I provide a thorough quote to the patron, inclusive of an estimated timeline.  Depending on final destination, we will discuss shipment/delivery and installation options.

Step 4. Once details, price, and schedule are agreed upon, all parties will sign a simple contract of these agreements.  A 50% deposit of the total is required before beginning on the piece with the remainder paid upon completion.

Step 5.  Carry on with your day-to-day life, knowing that your original work is being lovingly created.  Once the work is completed, it will be shipped/delivered to the agreed upon location.












Josephine   Enamel on Wood  48 inch diameter  2016  Commissioned for Private collection in honor of a patron's relative.


Enamel on Wood

48 inch diameter


Commissioned for Private collection in honor of a patron's relative.