The primary focus of my studio practice has been on exploring relationships between shape and color. The interaction of these elements have strong associative powers that can transport us through time, elicit memories, and suspend perceptions of reality.  Each shape and every color used has its own voice.  Alone, these voices are atonal, but if they work together they can create a visual harmony. 

For the past fifteen years I have been exclusively using 1Shot enamel. It is an industrial self-leveling paint with a unique glossy finish. Even after all these years I am still enamored with its viscosity and vibrancy of color, which is incomparable to acrylic and oil paint.  There is an unnatural quality and intensity to the paint that has always inspired me with its infinite potential.

My work relies on both an intuitive and methodical application where precision has become a defining quality. However, there is always a faltering line or imperfection which reveals its humanity.  I have embraced this quality of imperfection in my work over the years since becoming a father. Having children not only changed my life but changed my studio practice and work as well.  With the addition of my girls, I think more about how I can utilize smaller windows of studio time more efficiently. This undoubtedly has refined my work habits where I can make quicker decisions trusting my instincts more now than ever before.

I keep myself open to the potential of everyday inspiration. I consider myself a sponge and have a small notepad on me at all times to record these fleeting moments. I don’t discriminate and am just as easily moved by the color schemes in a Takashi Murakami piece as I am by a Target Store advertisement.   In fact, the visual arts affect my work, but I wouldn’t say that I’m thinking about other painters when I’m painting. I think a great deal about music. All of my work has movement as a critical element. I liken the act of painting as my way of making music and want my work to connect with others in a similar fashion that encourages the viewer to stop, listen and revel in the moment.